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CSE322 MCQ Automation Formal Languages and Automata Theory

CSE322 Automata mcq: Unit Wise files : Unit 1to 6 mcq:

PEV 107 ETE End Term Exam Question paper

PEV 107 End Term Exam Question Paper             

PEV106 :VERBAL ABILITY-I WorkBook ,Question with Solutions ,MCQ's

 PEV106:VERBAL ABILITY-I   Unit Wise files : Answer Key : link Unit 1: Unit 2: Unit 3: Unit 4:     Unit 5:   Unit 6:


Front End PPTs: Unit I Overview of HTML, CSS and JavaScript : Fundamentals of HTML, Creating Style Sheet, CSS Box Model- Border properties, Padding properties, Margin properties, Introduction to JavaScript, Working with Web Forms and validating user input, JavaScript functions and events, JavaScript Timing Events, JavaScript Image Slideshow, Recursive function in JavaScript, Error handling in JavaScript Unit II Document Object Model in JavaScript : Document Object Model, Programming HTML DOM with JavaScript, Assigning event handlers in JavaScript using DOM object property, addeventlistener and removeeventlistener in JavaScript, Event bubbling in JavaScript, Image gallery with thumbnails in JavaScript Unit III Working with jQuery and JSON : Basics of jQuery, jQuery Events, Benefits of using CDN, jQuery Selectors, jQuery input vs :input, jQuery DOM manipulation methods, jQuery Elements, Working with JSON Objects, JSON Arrays, Nested JSON object, Conversion of JSON object to strin