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PEA 306 Analytical Skills 2 Quantitaive and logical Aptitude

Analytical Skills 2 Quantitaive and logical Aptitude

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CSE 427 Cloud Computing VMware Labs HOL-2010-01-SDC


Lab Overview -HOL-2010-01-SDC -Virtualization 101:

First Register Yourself into VMware labs :

After Registreation Login with your id and password

Complete Step by Step Installation and Working of Hands ON Labs on 2010-01-SDC :

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   CSE427:VIRTUALIZATION AND CLOUD                                                                                COMPUTING LABORATORY

 Course Outcomes: 

CO1 :: analyze key technologies and capabilities required for setting up IT virtualization and cloud computing infrastructure

 CO2 :: simulate the ultimate goal of assessing, measuring and planning for the deployment of cloud-based IT resources

 CO3 :: establish the knowledge of cloud computing technology architectures based on Softwareas- a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) delivery models

List of Practicals / Experiments:

Understanding virtualization 

• Virtualization and Cloud Computing 
• Virtualizing servers 
• Virtualizing desktops 
• Virtualizing applications 
• BIOS setting of Physical machine for virtualization technology 

Understanding hypervisors 

• Exploring the hypervisors
• Understanding type 1 hypervisor 
• Understanding type 2 hypervisor 
• Resource allocation 
• Vmware ESX 

Understanding virtual machines 

• Examining CPU’s in a virtual machine
• Examining memory in a virtual machine
• Examining network resources in a virtual machine 
• Examining storage in a virtual machine 
• Understanding how a virtual machine works 
• Understanding virtual machine clones
• Understanding templates 
• Understanding snapshots
• Understanding OVF 
• Understanding containers 

Creating a virtual machine 

• Investigating the physical-to-virtual process 
• hot and cold cloning 
• Loading vmware workstation player
• Exploring vmware player 
• Loading virtualbox 
• Building a new virtual machine 
• VM configuration 
• Resource Allocation 

Installing a guest OS

 • Installing windows on a virtual machine
 • Loading windows into a virtual machine
 • Installing vmware tools 
• Understanding configuration options 
• Optimizing a new virtual machine 
• Installing linux on a virtual machine 
• Exploring oracle vm virtualbox

Managing the hardware for VM 

• Managing cpu for a virtual machine 
• Configuring vm cpu options 
• Hyper-threading 
• Managing memory for a virtual machine 
• Configuring vm memory options 
• Memory optimizations 
• Understanding storage virtualization 
• Tuning practices for vm storage 
• Understanding network virtualization 
• Tuning practices for virtual networks

 Understanding applications in a virtual machine 

• Examining virtual infrastructure performance capabilities 
• Deploying applications in a virtual environment 
• Understanding virtual appliances and vApps 
• Understanding google cloud,AWS and Microsoft azure services 
• Understanding of API

Container technology 

• installation 
• Working with containers 
• Configuring containers 
• Building web serve

Text Books :

Cloud Computing Bible : Barrie Sosinsky : 1st Edition, Wiley India Pvt Ltd



CSE 423 Virtualization and Cloud Computing


Unit I:
Virtualization techniques : virtualization technology, overview of x86 virtualization, types of virtualization, virtualization products, cloud interoperability standards, concept of VLAN ,VSAN and benefits Virtualized environment : characteristics of virtualized environment, taxonomy of virtualization techniques, pros and cons of virtualization, virtualization and cloud computing

Unit II
Introduction to Cloud Computing : Cloud Computing in a Nutshell, Roots of Cloud Computing., Defining Cloud Computing, cloud types, Trends in cloud computing Fundamentals of cloud computing : Roles and Boundaries, Cloud characteristics, Risk and challenges, Moving applications
to cloud

Unit III
Understanding cloud architecture : exploring the cloud computing stack, connecting to cloud, Workload distribution architecture, Capacity planning, Cloud bursting architecture, Disk provisioning architecture, Dynamic failure detection and recovery architecture Cloud mechanisms : Automated scaling listerner, Load balancer, Pay-per-use monitor, Audit monitor, SLA monitor, Fail-over Systems, Resource Cluster Understanding applications by type : Infrastructure-as-a-service, Software-as-a-service, Platform-as-a-service, Identity-as-a-service, Compliance-as-a-service

Unit IV
Exploring Cloud Infrastructures : Managing the Cloud, Understanding Cloud Security, Service oriented architecture, Service level agreements, Licensing models, Cloud economics

Unit V
Working with cloud based storage : measuring the digital universe, provisioning cloud storage, exploring backup plan solutions, Data management in cloud Cloud security : Risks and threats, Security mechanisms, Vulnerability checklist

Unit VI
Container technology : Introduction to containers, container architectures, Docker containers, Kubernetes Exploring cloud applications : Analytics services, Content delivery services, Deployment and management services, Application services, Identity & access management services, Storage services, Green cloud, Cloud mashups, Monitoring services, Fog computing, Edge Computing 

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Text Books :

 Cloud computing : Rishabh sharma : 1st edition Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Cloud Computing Bible : Barrie Sosinsky : 1st Edition, Wiley India Pvt Ltd

 MasteringCloud Computing :Rajkumar Buyya, Chritian Vecchiola, S.Thamarai Selvi : 3rd Edition Tata Mcgraw hill

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