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PEA 306 Analytical Skills 2 Quantitaive and logical Aptitude

Analytical Skills 2 Quantitaive and logical Aptitude For  Workbook   :   Click here   For Answer Key :   Click Here

CSE 427 Cloud Computing VMware Labs HOL-2010-01-SDC

HOL-2010-01-SDC Lab Overview -HOL-2010-01-SDC -Virtualization 101: First Register Yourself into VMware labs : Labs Link After Registreation Login with your id and password Complete Step by Step Installation and Working of Hands ON Labs on 2010-01-SDC : PDF Link:


   CSE427: VIRTUALIZATION AND CLOUD                                                                                COMPUTING LABORATORY   Course Outcomes:  CO1 :: analyze key technologies and capabilities required for setting up IT virtualization and cloud computing infrastructure   CO2 :: simulate the ultimate goal of assessing, measuring and planning for the deployment of cloud-based IT resources   CO3 :: establish the knowledge of cloud computing technology architectures based on Softwareas- a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) delivery models List of Practicals / Experiments: Understanding virtualization  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing  • Virtualizing servers  • Virtualizing desktops  • Virtualizing applications  • BIOS setting of Physical machine for virtualization technology  Understanding hypervisors  • Exploring the hypervisors • Understanding type 1 hypervisor  • Understandi

CSE 423 Virtualization and Cloud Computing

CSE423 : VIRTUALIZATION AND CLOUD COMPUTING Syllabus : Unit I: Virtualization techniques: virtualization technology, overview of x86 virtualization, types of virtualization, virtualization products, cloud interoperability standards, concept of VLAN ,VSAN and benefits Virtualized environment : characteristics of virtualized environment, taxonomy of virtualization techniques, pros and cons of virtualization, virtualization and cloud computing Unit II Introduction to Cloud Computing : Cloud Computing in a Nutshell, Roots of Cloud Computing., Defining Cloud Computing, cloud types, Trends in cloud computing Fundamentals of cloud computing : Roles and Boundaries, Cloud characteristics, Risk and challenges, Moving applications to cloud Unit III Understanding cloud architecture : exploring the cloud computing stack, connecting to cloud, Workload distribution architecture, Capacity planning, Cloud bursting architecture, Disk provisioning architecture, Dynamic failure detection and re