Front End PPTs:

Unit I
Overview of HTML, CSS and JavaScript : Fundamentals of HTML, Creating Style Sheet, CSS Box Model- Border properties, Padding properties, Margin properties, Introduction to JavaScript, Working with Web Forms and validating user input, JavaScript functions and events, JavaScript Timing Events, JavaScript Image Slideshow, Recursive function in JavaScript, Error handling in JavaScript
Unit II
Document Object Model in JavaScript : Document Object Model, Programming HTML DOM with JavaScript, Assigning event handlers in JavaScript using DOM object property, addeventlistener and removeeventlistener in JavaScript, Event bubbling in JavaScript, Image gallery with thumbnails in JavaScript
Unit III
Working with jQuery and JSON : Basics of jQuery, jQuery Events, Benefits of using CDN, jQuery Selectors, jQuery input vs :input, jQuery DOM manipulation methods, jQuery Elements, Working with JSON Objects, JSON Arrays, Nested JSON object, Conversion of JSON object to string, Conversion of string to JSON object
Unit IV
Working with AngularJS : Basics of AngularJS, Benefits of AngularJS, Angular modules and controllers, AngularJS Directives, Handling events in AngularJS, AngularJS filters, Sorting data in AngularJS
Unit V
Working with Bootstrap : Introduction to Bootstrap, Setting up Bootstrap, Bootstrap Grid System, Bootstrap Image Gallery, Bootstrap Typography, Bootstrap Blockquotes and Lists, Bootstrap Code Blocks, Bootstrap Table Classes, Bootstrap Button Classes, Bootstrap Dropdown
Unit VI
Overview of Search Engine Optimization : Introduction to SEO, SEO Tactics and Methods, SEO Relevant Filenames, SEO Design and Layout, SEO Optimized Keywords, SEO Optimized Metatags, SEO Title Optimization

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