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MCQ's   CA 3 Note  Answer may be Wrong in ScreenShots So Confirm them Startup in IT : Planning of startup business in IT sector-Executive summary, General company Description, Products and services, Marketing plan, Operational plan, Management and organization, Personal Financial Statement, Startup Expenses and Capitalization, Financial Plan, Appendices, Refining the Plan, Examples of Successful Start-ups Link :  

CA 3 CSE 322 OAS MCQ's

OAS MCQS   : CA 3   TOPICS INCLUDE : Unit 4   1.CONTEXT- FREE LANGUAGES AND SIMPLIFICATION OF CONTEXT-FREE   GRAMMAR: Ambiguity in Context Free Grammar, Language of a Context Free Grammar, Applications of Context Free Grammar, Pumping Lemma for Context Free Grammar, Normal Forms for Context Free Grammar -Chomsky Normal Form, Greibach Normal Form, Context-Free Languages and Derivation Trees, Leftmost and Rightmost derivations, Sentential forms, Construction of Reduced Grammars, Elimination of null and unit productions Unit 5 PUSHDOWN AUTOMATA AND PARSING :  Representation of Pushdown Automata, Acceptance by Pushdown Automata, Pushdown Automata: Deterministic Pushdown Automata and non-deterministic Pushdown Automata, Context free languages and Pushdown Automata, PARSING: Top-Down and Bottom-Up Parsing, Description and Model of Pushdown Automata, Pushdown Automata and Context- Free Languages, Comparison of deterministic and non-deterministic versions, cl Practice Question Mcqs Pea 305 Analytical Skills Ratio and Alligation

Ratio And Alligation Examly Practice Test Mcqs  Link