Int 242 Mcqs Cyber Security Essentials (Mcqs )Multiple Choice Questions Practice Questions

 Int 242 Mcqs Cyber Security Essentials

MCQ With Answers

1. Why would a hacker use a proxy server?
A. To create a stronger connection with the target.
B. To create a ghost server on the network.
C. To obtain a remote access connection.
D. To hide malicious activity on the network.
Correct Answer  D
Explanation  Proxy servers exist to act as an intermediary between the hacker and the target
and servces to keep the hacker anonymous tot he network.
2. What type of symmetric key algorithm using a streaming cipher to encrypt information?
A. RC4
B. Blowfish
D. MD5
Correct Answer  A
Explanation  RC$ uses streaming ciphers.
3. Which of the following is not a factor in securing the environment against an attack on
A. The education of the attacker
B. The system configuration
C. The network architecture
D. The business strategy of the company
E. The level of access provided to employees
Correct Answer  D
Explanation  All of the answers are factors supporting the exploitation or prevention of an
attack. The business strategy may provide the motivation for a potential attack, but by itself will
not influence the outcome.
4. What type of attack uses a fraudulent server with a relay address?
Correct Answer  B
Explanation  MITM (Man in the Middle) attacks create a server with a relay address. It is used
in SMB relay attacks.
5. What port is used to connect to the Active Directory in Windows 2000?
A. 80
B. 445

C. 139
D. 389
Correct Answer  D
Explanation  The Active Directory Administration Tool used for a Windows 2000 LDAP
client uses port 389 to connect to the Active Directory service.
6. To hide information inside a picture, what technology is used?
A. Rootkits
B. Bitmapping
C. Steganography
D. Image Rendering
Correct Answer  C
Explanation  Steganography is the right answer and can be used to hide information in
pictures, music, or videos.
7. Which phase of hacking performs actual attack on a network or system?
A. Reconnaissance
B. Maintaining Access
C. Scanning
D. Gaining Access
Correct Answer  D
Explanation  In the process of hacking, actual attacks are performed when gaining access, or
ownership, of the network or system. Reconnaissance and Scanning are information gathering
steps to identify the best possible action for staging the attack. Maintaining access attempts to
prolong the attack.
8. Attempting to gain access to a network using an employee’s credentials is called the
_____________ mode of ethical hacking.
A. Local networking
B. Social engineering
C. Physical entry
D. Remote networking
Correct Answer  A
Explanation  Local networking uses an employee’s credentials, or access rights, to gain access
to the network. Physical entry uses credentials to gain access to the physical IT infrastructure.
9. Which Federal Code applies the consequences of hacking activities that disrupt subway transit
A. Electronic Communications Interception of Oral Communications
B. 18 U.S.C. § 1029
C. Cyber Security Enhancement Act 2002
D. 18 U.S.C. § 1030
Correct Answer  C
Explanation  The Cyber Security Enhancement Act 2002 deals with life sentences for hackers
who recklessly endanger the lives of others, specifically transportation systems.

commercial Windows environment. Balancing security. Ease of use and functionality can open
vulnerabilities that already exist. Manufacturer settings, or default settings, may provide basic
protection against hacking threats, but need to change to provide advance support. The unused
features of application code provide an excellent opportunity to attack and cover the attack.
15. What is the sequence of a TCP connection?
Correct Answer  B
Explanation  A three-handed connection of TCP will start with a SYN packet followed by a
SYN-ACK packet. A final ACK packet will complete the connection.
16. What tool can be used to perform SNMP enumeration?
A. DNSlookup
B. Whois
C. Nslookup
D. IP Network Browser
Correct Answer  D
Explanation  SNMPUtil and IP Network Browser is SNMP enumeration tool
17. Which ports should be blocked to prevent null session enumeration?
A. Ports 120 and 445
B. Ports 135 and 136
C. Ports 110 and 137
D. Ports 135 and 139
Correct Answer  D
Explanation  Port 139 is the NetBIOS Session port typically can provide large amounts of
information using APIs to connect to the system. Other ports that can be blocked in 135,
137,138, and 445.
18. The first phase of hacking an IT system is compromise of which foundation of security?
A. Availability
B. Confidentiality
C. Integrity
D. Authentication
Correct Answer  B
Explanation  Reconnaissance is about gathering confidential information, such as usernames
and passwords.
19. How is IP address spoofing detected?
A. Installing and configuring a IDS that can read the IP header
B. Comparing the TTL values of the actual and spoofed addresses
C. Implementing a firewall to the network
D. Identify all TCP sessions that are initiated but does not complete successfully

Correct Answer  B
Explanation  IP address spoofing is detectable by comparing TTL values of the actual and
spoofed IP addresses
20. Why would a ping sweep be used?
A. To identify live systems
B. To locate live systems
C. To identify open ports
D. To locate firewalls
Correct Answer  A
Explanation  A ping sweep is intended to identify live systems. Once an active system is found
on the network, other information may be distinguished, including location. Open ports and
21. What are the port states determined by Nmap?
A. Active, inactive, standby
B. Open, half-open, closed
C. Open, filtered, unfiltered
D. Active, closed, unused
Correct Answer  C
Explanation  Nmap determines that ports are open, filtered, or unfiltered.
22. What port does Telnet use?
A. 22
B. 80
C. 20
D. 23
Correct Answer  D
Explanation  Telnet uses port 23.
23. Which of the following will allow footprinting to be conducted without detection?
A. PingSweep
B. Traceroute
C. War Dialers
Correct Answer  D
Explanation  ARIN is a publicly accessible database, which has information that could be
valuable. Because it is public, any attempt to obtain information in the database would go
24. Performing hacking activities with the intent on gaining visibility for an unfair situation is
called ________.
A. Cracking
B. Analysis
C. Hacktivism
D. Exploitation

30. Which Nmap scan is does not completely open a TCP connection?
A. SYN stealth scan
B. TCP connect
C. XMAS tree scan
D. ACK scan
Correct Answer  A
Explanation  Also known as a “half-open scanning,” SYN stealth scan will not complete a full
TCP connection.
31. What protocol is the Active Directory database based on?
Correct Answer  A
Explanation  Active4 direction in Windows 200 is based on a Lightweight Directory Access
Protocol (LDAP).
32. Services running on a system are determined by _____________.
A. The system’s IP address.
B. The Active Directory
C. The system’s network name
D. The port assigned
Correct Answer  D
Explanation  Hackers can identify services running on a system by the open ports that are
33. What are the types of scanning?
A. Port, network, and services
B. Network, vulnerability, and port
C. Passive, active, and interactive
D. Server, client, and network
Correct Answer  B
Explanation  The three types of accepted scans are port, network, and vulnerability.
34. Enumeration is part of what phase of ethical hacking?
A. Reconnaissance
B. Maintaining Access
C. Gaining Access
D. Scanning
Correct Answer  C
Explanation  Enumeration is a process of gaining access to the network by obtaining
information on a user or system to be used during an attack.

35. Keyloggers are a form of ______________.
A. Spyware
B. Shoulder surfing
C. Trojan
D. Social engineering
Correct Answer  A
Explanation  Keyloggers are a form of hardware or software spyware installed between the
keyboard and operating system.
36. What are hybrid attacks?
A. An attempt to crack passwords using words that can be found in dictionary.
B. An attempt to crack passwords by replacing characters of a dictionary word with numbers and
C. An attempt to crack passwords using a combination of characters, numbers, and symbols.
D. An attempt to crack passwords by replacing characters with numbers and symbols.
Correct Answer  B
Explanation  Hybrid attacks do crack passwords that are created with replaced characters of
dictionary type words.
37. Which form of encryption does WPA use?
A. Shared key
Correct Answer  C
Explanation  TKIP is used by WPA
38. What is the best statement for taking advantage of a weakness in the security of an IT
A. Threat
B. Attack
C. Exploit
D. Vulnerability
Correct Answer  C
Explanation  A weakness in security is exploited. An attack does the exploitation. A weakness
is vulnerability. A threat is a potential vulnerability.
39. Which database is queried by Whois?
Correct Answer  A
Explanation  Who utilizes the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

c) what kind of firewall is in use
d) what type of antivirus is in use
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Answer: d
Explanation: Network Mapper (Nmap) is a popular open-source tool used for discovering network as
well as security auditing. It usually checks for different services used by the host, what operating
system it is running and the type of firewall it is using.
45. Which of the following deals with network intrusion detection and real-time traffic analysis?
a) John the Ripper
b) L0phtCrack
c) Snort
d) Nessus
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Answer: c
Explanation: Snort is a network intrusion detecting application that deals with real-time traffic
analysis. As the rules are set and kept updated, they help in matching patterns against known
patterns and protect your network.
46. Wireshark is a ____________ tool.
a) network protocol analysis
b) network connection security
c) connection analysis
d) defending malicious packet-filtering
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Answer: a
Explanation: Wireshark is popular standardized network protocol analysis tools that allow in-depth
check and analysis of packets from different protocols used by the system.
47. Which of the below-mentioned tool is used for Wi-Fi hacking?
a) Wireshark
b) Nessus
c) Aircrack-ng
d) Snort
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Answer: c
Explanation: Weak wireless encryption protocols get easily cracked using Aircrack WPA and
Aircrack WEP attacks that comes with Aircrack-ng tool. Its packet sniffing feature keeps track of all
its traffic without making any attack.
48. Aircrack-ng is used for ____________
a) Firewall bypassing
b) Wi-Fi attacks

c) Packet filtering
d) System password cracking
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Answer: b
Explanation: Weak wireless encryption protocols get easily cracked using Aircrack WPA and
Aircrack WEP. Its packet sniffing feature keeps track of all its traffic without making any attack.
49. _____________ is a popular IP address and port scanner.
a) Cain and Abel
b) Snort
c) Angry IP Scanner
d) Ettercap
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Answer: c
Explanation: Angry IP scanner is a light-weight, cross-platform IP and port scanning tool that scans a
range of IP. It uses the concept of multithreading for making fast efficient scanning.
50. _______________ is a popular tool used for network analysis in multiprotocol diverse network.
a) Snort
b) SuperScan
c) Burp Suit
d) EtterPeak
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Answer: d
Explanation: EtterPeak is a network analysis tool that can be used for multiprotocol heterogeneous
networking architecture. It can help in sniffing packets of network traffic.
51. ____________ scans TCP ports and resolves different hostnames.
a) SuperScan
b) Snort
c) Ettercap
d) QualysGuard
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Answer: a
Explanation: SuperScan has a very nice user-friendly interface and it is used for scanning TCP ports
as well as resolve hostnames. It is popularly used for scanning ports from a given range of IP.
52. ___________ is a web application assessment security tool.
a) LC4
b) WebInspect
c) Ettercap
d) QualysGuard
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Answer: b
Explanation: WebInspect is a popular web application security tool used for identifying known
vulnerabilities residing in web-application layer. It also helps in penetration testing of web servers.

53. Which of the following attack-based checks WebInspect cannot do?
a) cross-site scripting
b) directory traversal
c) parameter injection
d) injecting shell code
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Answer: d
Explanation: WebInspect can check whether a web server is properly configured or not by
attempting for common attacks such as Cross-site scripting, directory traversal, and parameter
injection. But it cannot inject malicious shell code in the server.
54. ________ is a password recovery and auditing tool.
a) LC3
b) LC4
c) Network Stumbler
d) Maltego
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Answer: b
Explanation: LC4 which was previously known as L0phtCrack is a password auditing and recovery
tool; used for testing strength of a password and also helps in recovering lost Microsoft Windows
55. L0phtCrack is formerly known as LC3.
a) True
b) False
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Answer: b
Explanation: L0phtCrack is now commonly known as LC4 is a password auditing and recovery tool;
used for testing strength of a password and also helps in recovering lost Microsoft Windows