How To Download Windows 10 in 2023 original Virus free ISO file from Microsoft Site

Window 10 ISO file Download 

Latest release: 1909 (10.0.18363.476) November Update 
Updated:  Dec 2023
Windows is the most common using Operating System now a days so it is better to get knowledge about it. If you have a old version you can simply upgrade it from this version direct.
If you upgrade it from system settings it takes more time and data .This  is a simple way to learn how to download a Windows 10 iso file in your pc ,laptop and mobile phone .

Note :From Microsoft site you can download the iso file and that is virus free . Because there are many sites which gives you Windows 10 iso for downloading I highly recommend  not to download from there .Even if they promise to Genuine one .Because they are trying to trap you and those files containing viruses ,trojan horses ,backdoor's which all are  not good for us .

We all think to use a pirated version of Windows which is already licensed or patched But the bitter truth is that we never use such version of Windows ,Inseated that buy a original licensed of Windows 10. 

To Buy a original Windows 10 visit Microsft store . 

Steps to download ISO file ":_:"

Step 1 ->

1.1  Go to google and search Windows 10 download 
1.2  Visit the site of Microsoft site Link

Step 2

2.1 Here you face a problem that it is showing you Update now             and   Downlaod tool not the Windows 10 file that you want.

Two Solutions :- 

1.Use you Chrome or any Browser such as Firefox ,Microsoft edge ,Opera or other as mobile phone. 
2.Do the same process in mobile phone and copy the link and download it .

Step 4

4.1Click Developer option as shown down

 Note :
It is for Google Chrome Browser ,same way for other browser's
Shortcut : ctrl + shift + I 

Step 5

5.1 Click on Toggle Device Toolbar as shown down

 Refersh the page Crtl + R 
Choose Window 10 and Click Confirm then Choose Language English.

It takes most 5 to 10 seconds ,depends on the your network speed.

Finally you are on the page of Downloading Windows 10 ISO file.

You Should Check first which Computer Architecture 
How ??

Select the Start button > Settings > System > About

NOTE : The Link is valid only for 24hrs.
So download it within 24hrs.