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How To Download Windows 10 original Virus free ISO file from Microsoft Site

Window 10 ISO file Download   Latest release:   1909 (10.0.18363.476) November Update  Windows is the most common using Operating System now a days so it is better to get knowledge about it. If you have a old version you can simply upgrade it from this version direct. If you upgrade it from system settings it takes more time and data .This  is a simple way to learn how to download a Windows 10 iso file in your pc ,laptop and mobile phone . Note :From Microsoft site you can download the iso file and that is virus free . Because there are many sites which gives you Windows 10 iso for downloading I highly recommend  not to download from there .Even if they promise to Genuine one . Because they are trying to trap you and those files containing viruses ,trojan horses ,backdoor's which all are  not good for us . We all think to use a pirated version of Windows which is already licensed or patched But the bitter truth is that we never use such version of Windows ,Inseated tha

Pea 305 Analytical SKills 1 Quantitaive and logical Aptitude

 For CA mcqs oF PEA 305  : For Unit Wise Answer Key :   Pea 305 Analytical SKills  CA 1,2,3,4  

CSE 332 Ethics 200+ MCQS Industry Ethics and Legal Issues

CSE 332 Ethics 200+ MCQS Industry Ethics and Legal Issues  MCQS with Answers:  CseNotes12  MCQS FOR Practice : CseNotes12

INT 323 ETE End Term Question Paper Database Essentials Toward Informatica

INT 246 Soft Computing Techniques ETE End Term Exam Question paper

INT 246 Soft Computing Techniques ETE End Term Exam Question paper


Cse 332 100 MCQS  INDUSTRY ETHICS AND LEGAL ISSUES   100+ MCQS  of Industry Ethics  Link Here : CseNotes12

CSE 322 ETE End Term Paper Autoamta Formal Languages and Automata Theory

CSE 322 ETE End Term Paper Autoamta Formal Languages and Automata Theory     UNIT 1 - Finite automata       UNIT 2 - Regular expressions and regular sets       UNIT 3 - Formal languages and regular grammars       UNIT 4 - Context- free languages and simplification   of context-free        UNIT 5 - Pushdown automata and parsing        UNIT 6 - Turing machines and complexity     

CSE322 MCQ Automation Formal Languages and Automata Theory

CSE322 Automata mcq: Unit Wise files : Unit 1to 6 mcq:

PEV 107 ETE End Term Exam Question paper

PEV 107 End Term Exam Question Paper             

PEV106 :VERBAL ABILITY-I WorkBook ,Question with Solutions ,MCQ's

 PEV106:VERBAL ABILITY-I   Unit Wise files : Answer Key : link Unit 1: Unit 2: Unit 3: Unit 4:     Unit 5:   Unit 6:


Front End PPTs: Unit I Overview of HTML, CSS and JavaScript : Fundamentals of HTML, Creating Style Sheet, CSS Box Model- Border properties, Padding properties, Margin properties, Introduction to JavaScript, Working with Web Forms and validating user input, JavaScript functions and events, JavaScript Timing Events, JavaScript Image Slideshow, Recursive function in JavaScript, Error handling in JavaScript Unit II Document Object Model in JavaScript : Document Object Model, Programming HTML DOM with JavaScript, Assigning event handlers in JavaScript using DOM object property, addeventlistener and removeeventlistener in JavaScript, Event bubbling in JavaScript, Image gallery with thumbnails in JavaScript Unit III Working with jQuery and JSON : Basics of jQuery, jQuery Events, Benefits of using CDN, jQuery Selectors, jQuery input vs :input, jQuery DOM manipulation methods, jQuery Elements, Working with JSON Objects, JSON Arrays, Nested JSON object, Conversion of JSON object to strin


MCQ's   CA 3 Note  Answer may be Wrong in ScreenShots So Confirm them Startup in IT : Planning of startup business in IT sector-Executive summary, General company Description, Products and services, Marketing plan, Operational plan, Management and organization, Personal Financial Statement, Startup Expenses and Capitalization, Financial Plan, Appendices, Refining the Plan, Examples of Successful Start-ups Link :  

CA 3 CSE 322 OAS MCQ's

OAS MCQS   : CA 3   TOPICS INCLUDE : Unit 4   1.CONTEXT- FREE LANGUAGES AND SIMPLIFICATION OF CONTEXT-FREE   GRAMMAR: Ambiguity in Context Free Grammar, Language of a Context Free Grammar, Applications of Context Free Grammar, Pumping Lemma for Context Free Grammar, Normal Forms for Context Free Grammar -Chomsky Normal Form, Greibach Normal Form, Context-Free Languages and Derivation Trees, Leftmost and Rightmost derivations, Sentential forms, Construction of Reduced Grammars, Elimination of null and unit productions Unit 5 PUSHDOWN AUTOMATA AND PARSING :  Representation of Pushdown Automata, Acceptance by Pushdown Automata, Pushdown Automata: Deterministic Pushdown Automata and non-deterministic Pushdown Automata, Context free languages and Pushdown Automata, PARSING: Top-Down and Bottom-Up Parsing, Description and Model of Pushdown Automata, Pushdown Automata and Context- Free Languages, Comparison of deterministic and non-deterministic versions, cl Practice Question Mcqs Pea 305 Analytical Skills Ratio and Alligation

Ratio And Alligation Examly Practice Test Mcqs  Link


LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PPT&PDF: Hide Me UNIT 1  A Framework for understanding leadership : meaning, importance of leadership, leadership roles, skill development in leadership, nature Unit II Personal attributes, actions and leadership styles : traits, motives, characteristics of effective leaders, analysis of leadership behaviours, attitude, leadership styles Unit III The moral aspects of leadership : social responsibility of the leader, creating the socially responsible culture, ethical responsibility of the leader, creating the ethical organizational culture Enhancing teamwork within the group : role of leaders in team based organizations, leader actions that fosters teamwork, leader-member-exchange model and teamwork Unit IV The leader as a motivator and coach : goal theory, coaching skills and techniques, expectancy theory, executive coaching, leadership effectiveness, coaching as an approach to motivation Communicating with others and resolving c

Int 246 : Machine Learning Algorithms PPTS

1.Introduction Machine  Learning  Ever since computers were invented, we have wondered whether they might be made to learn. If we could understand how to program them to learn-to improve automatically with experience-the impact would be dramatic. Imagine computers learning from medical records which treatments are most effective for new diseases, houses learning from experience to optimize energy costs based on the particular usage patterns of their occupants, personal software assistants learning the evolving interests of their users in order to highlight especially relevant stories from the online morning newspaper. 2.DESIGNING A LEARNING SYSTEM Choosing the Training Experience The type of training experience available can have a significant impact on success or failure of the learner. One key attribute is whether the training experience provides direct or indirect feedback regarding the choices made by the performance system. For example, in learning to play checkers


FIN901:FUNDAMENTALS OF BANKING AND INSURANCE: Indian Banking System : Introduction, Difference between public and private sector banks with respect to their business models, Different types of banks, Banking services to different customer segments, RBI: role and functions Negotiable Instruments : Acceptance, Endorsement, Introduction, Types of Negotiable Instruments, Crossing of Cheque, Bouncing of Cheque Lending by Banks : Principles of Good Lending, Loans and Advances, Priority Sector Lending E-banking : Debit and Credit Cards, POS, NEFT and RTGS, Internet and Mobile Banking

Int 242 Mcqs Cyber Security Essentials (Mcqs )Multiple Choice Questions Practice Questions

  Int 242 Mcqs Cyber Security Essentials MCQ With Answers 1. Why would a hacker use a proxy server? A. To create a stronger connection with the target. B. To create a ghost server on the network. C. To obtain a remote access connection. D. To hide malicious activity on the network. Correct Answer  D Explanation  Proxy servers exist to act as an intermediary between the hacker and the target and servces to keep the hacker anonymous tot he network. 2. What type of symmetric key algorithm using a streaming cipher to encrypt information? A. RC4 B. Blowfish C. SHA D. MD5 Correct Answer  A Explanation  RC$ uses streaming ciphers. 3. Which of the following is not a factor in securing the environment against an attack on security? A. The education of the attacker B. The system configuration C. The network architecture D. The business strategy of the company E. The level of access provided to employees Correct Answer  D Explanation  All of the answers are fa

CSE 322 AUTOMATA Important Mcqs ,PPT 's and Hand Written Notes.

Hand Written Notes For PPT's click For MCQS Practice here. For Notes Till Mid Term click For MCQs CA3 OAS :  

Most Important Practice Question of PEV 107

Additional practice for sentence correction Answer key of Parallelism ANSWERS OF ERROR OF PRTICIPLES Error of Comparison Modifiers answers Redundancy answers SVA practice solution Link Here : Click me

CA2 MCQS with Solutions { All CA2 question's with All slot 1,2,3,4,5 and set's A,B,C,D }

                       MCQS POOL is Here!!! ALL SETS  links follow us for more interesting stuff :)   (~__~) LINK is Here: )clickme


Pea 305 For Ratio and Alligation Go Down.   \/ Hand written Notes with Question-Amswer And complete Solution In Ca2 These may help a lot So Guys Have Look on this <°_°> PERCENTAGE A percentage is a ratio expressed in terms of a unit being 100. A percentage is usually denoted by the symbol “%”. To express a% as a fraction, divide it by 100 ⇒ a% = a/100 To express a fraction as %, multiply it by 100 ⇒ a/b = [(a/b) × 100] % x% of y is given by (y × x/100 ) Point to remember for faster Calculation 1 = 100% 1 /2= 50% 1 /3= 33.33% 1/4 = 25% 1/5 = 20% 1 /6= 16.66% 1/7 = 14.28% 1/8 = 12.5% 1/9 = 11.11% 1/10 = 10% 1/11 = 9.09% 1/12 = 8.33% Some Short tricks based on Condition If A's income is r% more than B's income, the B's income is less than A's income by [ r / (100+r)] * 100% If A‟s income is r% less than B‟s income, the B‟s income is more than A‟s income by [ r / (100-r)] * 100% If 'A' is x% of 'C'

Cse 332 CA2 Practice MCQ's with Answer Unit 2 & 3 INDUSTRY ETHICS AND LEGAL ISSUES

                                                             Mcqs with Solutions  : Ethics : Definition of ethics, Importance of integrity, Ethics in business world, improving corporate ethics, Creating an ethical work environment, Ethical decision making, Ethics in information technology, Ethical behavior of IT professional, Common ethical issues for IT users, Supporting the ethical practices of IT users Companies : The Companies Act and its amendments, Introduction to IT and ITES industry (Product based, Services based), Introduction to NASSCOM, STPI, Overview on latest IT projects with global impact, Case study of an IT industry (Product based and Services based), Recent technology advancement, Current affairs related with the IT industry Government Funding and schemes for Startup : what are Startups, Startup India benefits, Resources, bank loan for start up business, Start-up India, 10000 startups -A NASSCOM Initiative, Export promotion schemes: Softwa